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"Boosting" Posts - A Local Business Case Study

Facebook ads and in particular, Facebook video ads are amazing. Over the last year I've focussed much of my attention to studying Facebook's video ad platform trying to determine the best way to utilize it for local businesses.

I've attempted many campaigns, some were failures, some had good results. Either way, I keep running ads as each time, I learn something new.

However, lately I've been simplifying things by "boosting" posts instead of creating actual Facebook ads.

My most recent boosted post was for Tessio in Silverdale. The results were awesome. Below are all the details:

The "WHY": The purpose of this boosted post was to drive local traffic to Tessio to try their brick fired pizza. To get customers through the door, Tessio offered a limited time discount, any pizza for $9.

Below is the video I created for the "boosted" post on Tessio's Facebook page.

Boosted Post Run Time: This post ran from Sept 28th to Oct 3rd, a total of 6 days. During that time the video was viewed over 13K times and reached over 22k people on Facebook. Below is a screen shot of the engagement stats.

Money Spent On The Boosted Post: $5 a day for 6 days, so $30.

The Results: Tessio reported the following information:

1. They had their best week since May, when the Kitsap Sun ran an article review of Tessio.

2. Reviews on Yelp skyrocketed and now they have a 4.5 stars ratings on that site.


The Take Away: Boost some of your Facebook posts.

It's easy to do and pretty cheap. It's an effective way to get in the news feeds of potential customers here in Kitsap County.

Good luck and when you do boost a post please let me know your results, I love to hear how boosted posts impacted your Kitsap business.

If you would like to create a video like the one created for Tessio and run a Facebook ad campaign with I Heart Kitsap please feel free to reach out to me HERE.

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