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Facebook Video Ads - Local Business Case Study

Facebook ads are a wonderful way to reach your ideal customer here in Kitsap County.  Target by location, interest or even job title.  With the proper strategy, Facebook ads are an effective way to engage your ideal customer and grow your local business.   


I Heart Kitsap wants to help you engage more customers through Facebook ads.  Below are just a few of our recent Facebook video ad campaigns.​


M&T Coffee hired us to create a video ad and run a Facebook video ad campaign to promote their recent grand opening in Bremerton. 


The campaign resulted in their best day of sales to date.  View the entire case study HERE.   


Greens On Your Way wanted to promote their new Silverdale location.  Together we created a Facebook campaign that generated over $6,000 in sales in 6 days.

View the Greens On Your Way case study HERE.


Ideal Protein needed new clients.  We worked together to create an effective Facebook ad campaign that resulted in new clients and a more revenue.  


View the Ideal Protein case study HERE. ​


To drive local residents in for pizza, I Heart Kitsap created a Facebook video ad campaign with a limited time offer.  


View the successful case study HERE.   

Are you ready to create a Facebook video ad campaign designed to successfully grow your Kitsap business, organization or foundation? If so, I Heart Kitsap would love to help.  Please contact us HERE.    

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