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I Heart Bremerton

Move To Bremerton

This project was pretty special to me because I grew up skateboarding parts of Bremerton featured in this series of videos.

The city of Bremerton hired me to produce some videos designed to attract potential residents and businesses from across the water.

This series of videos was released to the public late January of 2016. Since the release, some of the videos were featured on KIRO and have had thousands of online views.

This video features Arthur Wes Larson, CEO of Sound West Group and the builder of the Spyglass Apartments.

Cool side note: Arthur’s Bremerton roots go back 4 generations and his great grandfather, DL Cady was the mayor of Bremerton in 1914.

This video features business owner Christie Johnson. She owns Purpose Boutique in Bremerton.

This video features PJ Santos, a developer at Lorax Partners. He was the lead in creating the 606 apartments in Bremerton.

This video features a friend of mine and Bremerton business owner Emily Russell.

This video features Mayor Lent. Visit the "Move To Bremerton" website HERE.

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