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I Heart Kitsap, and here's why...


But I left home after graduating high school (Go Cougars!) to attend university in Southern California.  Once I got my degree, I stayed in Orange County to pursue my dream of “working in the industry”.  For many years I had the privilege of traveling to amazing places in the world and worked for international television networks like SKY.  I’ve also worked stateside for large televisions networks including MTV.  
But I burned out and once my son was born, my wife and I realized it was time to come back home.  So we packed our things and returned to Kitsap County.

Photo of Mike Barnet owner of I Heart Kitsap
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One Man Band

Hello, my name is Mike Barnet. I am a local videographer in love with my county.


I produce television commercials, web content and create online marketing videos designed to increase exposure of your Kitsap business, orgainzation or foundation.

Since coming home, I’ve worked with a variety of Kitsap based companies, organizations, foundations and schools.  From larger Kitsap names like Clearwater Casino, Admiral Theatre and Central Market to “Mom & Pop” shops like Frog Soap, Toad House Pizza and Rottweiler Motorcycle Company.  I’ve enjoyed every experience I’ve had thus far.

I love utilizing what I’ve learned in the “big leagues” to help Kitsap business owners better share their message.  It is my purpose to help you grow your business, organization or foundation through the power of video.  If you would like my help, let’s chat.

Let's connect soon.

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