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How $65 in Facebook ad spend resulted in the best day ever in coffee sales.  

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The "WHY": The purpose of this video ad: Promote the Grand Opening of M&T Coffee


The Promotion: A limited time grand opening drink special of $1.50 off any drink.


Below is the video ad I created for M&T Coffee.

Money Spent:  $64.74 in Facebook ads spend 


Run Time:  This ad ran from Sept 25th - 30th.  During that time, the video was viewed 4.7k times and reached over 8.5k people on Facebook. Below is a screen shot of the engagement stats.

Example of M&T Coffee Facebook ad

The Results: M&T Coffee reported the following:

"Best day ever in units and dollars. Huge success.  I heard a lot of mention of the video and a lot of new people came in the day after the launch, because of it.  I think the biggest factor was the video for sure."  

Are you a local restaurant interested in achieving similar results?  Let's work together!

If you're an restaurant owner who wants to bring in more business via Facebook ads please contact us HERE.

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