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How $30 in Facebook ad spend resulted in thousands of dollars in pizza sales.  

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CASE STUDY # 1: Tessio's "Limited Time Pizza" Ad

The "WHY": The purpose of this boosted post was twofold: 1. Create awareness of Tessio in Kitsap County.  2. Drive locals into Tessio to try their brick fired pizza.  


The Promotion: A limited time discount, any Tessio pizza for $9.


Below is the video I created for the "boosted" post on Tessio's Facebook page.

Money Spent On The Boosted Post:  $30 


Boosted Post Run Time:  This post ran from Sept 28th to Oct 16th.  During that time the video was viewed over 13K times and reached over 22k people on Facebook.   Below is a screen shot of the engagement stats.

Example of Tessio Facebook ad

The Results: Tessio reported the following information:

1. They had their best weeks since their opening with a spike in sales of over $10k. 

2. Reviews on Yelp skyrocketed and now they have a 4.5 stars ratings on that site.   


Below is a screen shot of the sales spike during Sept 28th to Oct 16th.

Example of sales increase of Tessio pizza due to Facebook ads

CASE STUDY # 2: Tessio's "Free Birthday Pizza" Ad

The "WHY": The purpose of this video ad was twofold: 1. To increase awareness/drive local traffic into Tessio for Pizza.  2. To start a Tessio contact list for future promotions.  


The Promotion: FREE pizzas to people "having birthdays this week" between the dates of Dec 2nd and Dec 27th.


Below is the video I created for the "Free Birthday Pizza" ad campaign.

Targeted Audience: All Genders, interests:"People having birthdays this week", location: 15 mile radius of restaurant address,

Placement: mobile and desktop newsfeeds.


Money Spent:  $5 a day for a total of $130.58.  Cost per lead: Started at $0.33 and ended at $0.47

Reach: 9,873 people reached, 279 clicks to website.  

Ad Run Time:  This ad ran from Dec 2nd to Dec 27th.  During that time the video was viewed 7,072 times.

The Results:


1. Over 60 emails and phone numbers were collected and added to the Tessio contact list.

2. 14 people redeemed their free birthday pizza.  Each guest brought family and friends.

3. The average table spend was over $37 for a grand total of $500.32

Are you a local business interested in achieving similar results?  Let's work together!

If you're an restaurant owner who wants to bring in more business via Facebook ads please contact us HERE.

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