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Before you even create your content, it's crucial to have a proper game plan. 

  • Are you trying to raise awareness of NKDC promotions and events? 
  • Are you trying to reach potential new customers 
  • Etc

This is a video taken from my Facebook ads training course.  In this video, I discuss the importance of determining your "WHY".

  • ​​People who have no idea of you and your store
  • New customers 

  • Old customers, you want to purchase more frequently 

  • Etc

    • ​​Photos
    • Short videos 

    • Graphics posts  

    • Etc

    • ​​Come in for a special promo
    • Order a featured menu item

    • Get familiar with NKDC staff

    • Join email list

    • Visit website

    • Etc

    • Sales of gas have increased by "X"
    • GEM staff starts to get recognized by customers out in the public

    • Etc

    Create a posting schedule and determine how often you will publish new content. 
    • Meet with store managers.  Get prices, details about special promos and deals, etc.
    • Meet with the marketing manager at The Point Casino.  Get details about upcoming events, casino specials, etc

    • Meet with Tina at NKDC.  Get details about things NKDC wants to promote.

    • Etc

    • Website 

    • Facebook

    • Newsletter

    • Etc

    • I.e. New content will be posted 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) 

    • Make a content repository.  Meaning, keep track of reusable pieces of content. (i.e. Holiday specials, annual events, etc)

    • Use this calendar to guide you as you create your NKDC publication calendar.  Download it HERE .

    Sticking to your publication calendar is crucial.  Your target audience will expect to hear from you regularly, communication will build trust.  Once you post your content, you will need to monitor the newsfeed and messenger for engagement.  Reply to your followers. 
    It is also very important to frequently check in with the store managers, the casino marketing manager, HighPoint Cannabis, and Tina to ensure your efforts are working.  Aways be willing to listen and try something new if things are working.  
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