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Whether this is our first time meeting, or we've crossed path online, perhaps at a show, it's wonderful to greet you here!


I'm Shay Banks and I'm an independent artists based in So Cal.   I write and create music that encourages a little bit of self reflection, a bit of romance and a lot of fun.  On Jan 5, 2018, I'm releasing my debut album, "Dynamite". 


The album is a live, interactive, multi-platform experience that I personally send out to fans in a ten day process. The experience allows for a direct conversation between us and everyone listening about the subject of the album, the making of the album, and the meaning behind it.


I'm also sending out in-depth behind-the-scenes content on the process of making the record, why we are choosing to put it out this way, and what it can mean for independent music going forward...


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I hope you enjoy what I'm trying to doing.  I'm certain this will be a great experience.   


Let's go!


If you're a music lover, albums have always been a journey. You may remember digesting your favorite hip-hop album growing up - how these records wove their way around every friendship, every break-up, every fight, every grade in school...


The Shybanks experience enhances the journey of the classic album by taking you through the theme of the album, elevating the discussion between artist and listener.

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12 songs, 5 videos, and 11 solid months of hard work by a dedicated team...


That's what went into this album, and we thought it would be a crying shame to let that all go to waste. The 502s Experience gives you access to behind-the-scenes content, detailed explanations, bonus tracks, and special videos that can't be found anywhere else!

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