Hey Port Gamble.  Always a bridge's maid?  Let's change that. 

I Heart Kitsap + Port Gamble Weddings = A match made in Heaven?  

PHASE 1 Approaching the ad.  Here is where we will determine the "why" of your ad campaign (what are you trying to accomplish?). During this phase you'll learn the mechanics of an proper Facebook ad, this incudes:   

1. How to choose photos for your image ad.

2. How to craft compelling ad copy.

3. How to create a high converting offer.

4. Creating effective landing pages or "squeeze" pages (where to send your target customer once they click the ad).  

5. Understanding "ad sense".

PHASE 2 Getting behind the wheel.  We are diving into the Facebook Ads dashboard.  Here you will learn the following: 

0. How and why and where to place your Facebook Pixel. 

1. The difference between "Ads Manager" and "Power Editor".  Which one is right for your needs.  

2. How to create your audience and determine the "placement" of your ad (newsfeed, mobile, Instagram, etc).  

3. How to create the ad (where to put ad copy, how to upload photo, etc).

4. How to launch your ad.  

PHASE 3 Evaluation and fine tuning.  During this stage everything is full speed ahead.  We are adjusting things "here and there" and making small tweaks to "right the ship".  To know we are on the right track we should have the following confirmed:  


1. A solid understanding of how much a "lead" costs to acquire. 

2. A clear understanding of which kinds of Facebook ads produce the best results.

FINAL RESULTS  By the end of our time together Port Gamble Weddings will accomplish the following: 

1. Know how to create an effective Facebook ad.

2. Understand how to use the Facebook ads dashboard and how to launch your ad.

3. Know how to determine the effectiveness of your ad and when to call it quits.  

4. You will know each ad's ROI.     

PROJECT COST: $1,000 plus tax  For additional consulting at an hourly charge after our training period is over, I HEART KTISAP can provide the following: 

1. Consulting and assistance in creating and launching Facebook ads (i.e video, image, retargeting) and landing pages to capture leads.   

THANK YOU.  I appreciate your time and consideration.  I look forward to the possibility of working with you in the near future.    

So what do you think? 

I HEART KITSAP would love to help Port Gamble Weddings streamline its online marketing for 2017.  To contact me please feel free to reach me below: 

PHONE: 714.932.6017

EMAIL:   mikebarnet@yahoo.com

WEBSITE:  www.iheartkitsap.biz