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Caspar makes music for the very small and their parents.

Caspar Babypants is the stage name of children's music artist Chris Ballew, who is also widely known as the singer of The Presidents of the United States of America.  Performing shows exclusively solo, Casper enjoys the freedom of improvisation in the show and to reduce the sound levels so that very young children and newborns could continue to attend without being over stimulated.

"Caspar Babypants is a household favorite of ours! My 4.5 year old pops this into her CD player and she's off in her own imaginative world. Her favorite song is "I Wanna Be a Snowman". Fantastic music and clever lyrics make this a fun listen for adults as well. Can't wait to own more!"

Creighton G. Wilson

The BEST kids CD out there. So much of the children's music on the market is annoying and drives me nuts. This is awesome music, for all ages. The tunes and lyrics are catchy and I find myself listening to it when the kids aren't even in the car! Bad Blue Jay and Sun Go are my favorites. My son loves Helicopter. I get this for all new parents.



"Chuck Berry was a huge influence on me
and I wanted to honor him by offering you all
a FREE download of my version of my favorite Chuck Berry song ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC.


Enjoy and remember Chuck Berry every single day! " - Casper BabyPants


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