Kitsap Public Utility District Video Design & Production Proposal 2017 

Who is "I Heart Kitsap"?  

My Credentials.  Hello, I'm Mike Barnet.  I grew up in Silverdale.  But I left home after graduating high-school (Go Cougars!) to attend university in Southern California.  For many years I had the privilege of traveling to amazing places in the world and worked for international television networks like SKY.  I’ve also worked state side for large televisions networks including MTV.  

But I burned out and once my son was born, my wife and I realized it was time to come back home.  So 9 years ago, we packed our things and returned to Kitsap County.


Since coming home, I’ve worked with a variety of Kitsap based companies, organizations, foundations and schools.  From larger Kitsap names like Clearwater Casino, the Point Casino, Admiral Theatre, Central Market and the city of Bremerton to “Mom & Pop” shops like Frog Soap, Toad House Pizza and Rottweiler Motorcycle Company.   I also continue to work with larger media companies, like online media giant Netflix.  


I Heart Kitsap's Former Clients.  Below are the names and contacts of a few clients I've worked with in the past.  Please feel free to reach out to them.   

1. Dr. Clark Tedford, founder of LumiThera.  Phone: 360.536.5119, Email:

2. Mayor Patty Lent, mayor of City of Bremerton.  Phone: 360.473.5266, Email:

3. Charleen Burnette, Public Access Director for BKAT Television.  Phone: 360.473.5011 , Email:

Video examples 

Olympic College's Engineering Tech Programs

Move To Bremerton

Poulsbo Events 2016 Highlights

The process.

PHASE 1 Preproduction.  2 preproduction meetings that will be scheduled a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the first week of video production.  During these meetings we will determine the following:



1. The"why" (the purpose and goal) of each video.

2. The "feel" (the look, style and message) of each video.

3. The "Calls To Action".  What do you want the viewer to "know", "do" or "understand" after watching each video? 


1. Create video storyboards and scripts 

2. Schedule filming dates and on camera interviews.

3. Solidify rough cuts and revision edit schedules.  

PHASE 2 Video Production.  Production of 4 videos will take 4 weeks to complete.  1 video topic each week, 2 days of filming each week.



On camera interview(s) of staff. 

Day Two Of Each Week: B-roll FOOTAGE

In field footage collection, office footage, other footage that pertains to the story.  

PHASE 3 Post Production.  Video editing and review, 6 weeks to complete (4 weeks for rough cut edits and 2 weeks for video finalization). 

One video each week.  One rough cut video will be provided each week for 4 weeks.  KPUD review and edit demands will follow.

PROJECT COST: $15,000 plus tax  Upon completion and delivery of final videos, any additional recuts or edits will be charged at an additional hourly rate.   

THANK YOU.  I appreciate your time and consideration.  I look forward to the possibility of working with you in the near future.    

So what do you think? 

I HEART KITSAP would love to help KPUD produce your series of videos.  To contact me please feel free to reach me below: 

PHONE: 714.932.6017