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What To Consider When Creating A Facebook Video Ad

1. HAVE A GAME PLAN.  What’s the “Why”?  What are you trying to accomplish with this ad?  Do you want to attract new customers?  Do you want more sales?  Do you want more leads?  Do you need to grow your email list?


2. HAVE A CLEAR TARGET.  Who is your ad for?  Who is your ideal customer?  Is it for a particular gender and age group?  Is it for people with a specific need or interest?


3. DESIGN A CLEAR "CALL TO ACTION". What do you want your target audience to do after viewing your video ad?  Do you want them to visit a particular webpage?  Should they join your email list?  Should they visit a store location and mention the ad?  Should they fill out an online form and schedule an appointment? 

4. THE LAUNCH. What kind of ad will you use to attract your ideal customer?  Educational video, eye catching image ads, Facebook “Live” video?


5. MEASURE THE RESULTS. How will you determine the success of your ad?  Did it bring in a certain number of leads?  Did you sell a predetermined amount of merchandise?  Did you add "X" number of contacts to your email list?    

6. THE FOLLOW UP.  How will you communicate with your idea customer after he/she interacts with your ad?  Build an email list and continue to offer valuable content to your target audience via email.  Once someone joins your list,  send articles, and other helpful information related to your services.  You can also offer special deals to encourage your subscriber to employ your services.  

Video Types For Local Businesses

1. Education video.  Create a video that is chalked full of value relating to your services, industry or product.  The purpose of this video is to educate your target audience and establish yourself as the authority in your particular field.  At the end of the video give a clear Call To Action (CTA).  Invite the reader/viewer to join your email list, fill out a survey, schedule an appointment, etc.  



Sound Pest Control: Marty Huff of Sound Pest Control made a video called “How To Prevent Carpenter Ants”.  This video offers 3 simple but very effective ways to avoid attracting carpenter ants here in Kitsap.  If you do have carpenter ants he advises not to use over the counter products as it will make things worse.  Instead, he advises calling a professional (him).  At the end of the video Marty offer a clear CTA and offers a discount as an incentive to potential customers.  This discount is only redeemed when the customer mentions the video.   View the video below.   

2. Testimonial video.  Create a video that showcases a past or current customer’s experience with your company.  The testimonial should not only spotlight how great you are but it should showcase what you do that is unique and how your approach solves your ideal customer’s pain point.  Once again, at the end of the post, offer a clear CTA to inspire your ideal customer to make a purchase, join your email list, visit your website, etc.      



Hands On Learning Solutions: Laura Parker of Hands On Learning Solutions in Gig Harbor works with children who have learning disabilities like dyslexia.  Her methods have proven successful time and time again and families who work with HOLS are amazed by the changes they see in their children.  


This testimonial video features a mother of a HOLS student.  It’s emotional, inspiring and it offers a solution to parents who have yet to find success.  At the end of the video, the simple and clear CTA is to call the number on the screen and arrange a consultation.  View the video below:

3. Event Video.  Create a video that spotlights an upcoming event.  Feature the most popular aspects of the video then give a very, clear CTA. 



Viking Fest 2017

This post reached 53,188 people on Facebook

This video had 35K views 

It was shared on Facebook 224 times

Spirits and Spirits

This post reached 17,648 people organically (free reach) on Facebook

This video had 6.5K views

4. Facebook “Live”.  Facebook "Live" videos are easy to create and require no post production work.  Because it’s “live” the viewer's expectation of production quality is much lower.  This allows the video creator to focus entirely on providing value to the viewer. 


Plus, Facebook is really pushing the "Live" feature and will reward those who use it with higher organic reach numbers.  So take advantage of this feature, it’s simple and fun.  



Clear Creek Financial Management: Joe Gates of CCFM wanted to establish himself as an authority here in Kitsap for financial management.  He also wanted to generate leads for his financial management services.  So he created this video (shot on an iPhone) to invite locals to attend a weekly Facebook "Live" discussion on how to better manage your finances.


After his first Facebook “Live” chat, Joe acquired a new lead that turned into a client.  Not bad.  Here is the video Joe used to invite viewers to the weekly discussion:

How To Create Your First Facebook Ad

Boost A Post.  This is the easiest way to get started in Facebook Ads.  You can boost any kind of video just make sure it offers value to your target audience and that there is a clear CTA.  Below are some simple guidelines to use when setting up your campaign.

Budget And Duration: Don’t spend a ton of money, $5-$10 a day, over a 3-4 day period.  

Audience: Choose “People who like your page and their friends”.  If you want to get more specific create your own audience through “People you choose through targeting”.  

Location: Here you can specify where you want your ad to be shown via city and mile radius.  

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