Greens On Your Way Facebook video ads

3 MONTHS ADS CAMPAIGN - Greens On Your Way

Strategy & Objectives 

Facebook Video Advertising.  Because of the success the first GOYW video campaign, we will continue what’s proven.  For the next 3 months, our marketing campaigns are video heavy and Facebook focussed.  These video will work to accomplish the following objectives: 


1. Increase traffic to your Silverdale location. 

2. Increase daily revenue at your Silverdale location.

Video Topics

3 different messages.  Each video will have it's own specific message and focussed calls to action.  Please consider the following video topics:  


VIDEO ONE (month one): "It's fast and easy, when you order online".  This video will feature the ease and speed of ordering online via the GOYW website.  It will also showcase the special reserved parking spaces for customers who order online, showing how convenient the process will be.  


The video will ultimately demonstrate how GOWY makes healthy eating possible while "on the go".  The CTA for this video is to "order your salad online and it will be ready for pick up once you arrive".  


VIDEO TWO (month two): "Eat a salad while driving a car".  This video will spotlight the GOYW wrap option.  The purpose is to demonstrate how a busy person can eat a salad and drive their car at the same time.  This video will be more target towards the GOYW male audience.  This video will also demonstrate how GOWY makes healthy eating possible while "on the go".  The CTA for this video is to "enjoy your favorite salad anytime, anywhere when you make it a wrap for only 75 cents more".  

VIDEO THREE (month three): "About us".  This video will focus on your "why".  You will discuss why you created GOYW and how you want to affect your community with GOYW.  The ultimate purpose of this video is to connect with your current and potential customers so that they understand your mission and the goals for this company.  The CTA for this video is to "encourage your customers to join you on a journey to a healthier lifestyle that starts will better food choices."  

The Process

STEP 1 Preproduction.  During our last meeting we discussed the purpose and goals of the 3 videos along with the "Calls To Actions".  This info is mentioned above.  After reviewing the info above, if you want to make changes or adjustments that is just fine.  However, when making the changes or adjustments, please consider the following:

1. The"why" (the purpose and goal) of the video.

2. The "Calls To Action".  What do you want the viewer to "know", "do" or "understand" after watching each video? 

STEP 2 Video Production.  Production of 3 videos will take 2-3 days to shoot.



On camera interview(s) of Jen. 

Day Two and Three: B-roll FOOTAGE

restaurant, food, etc.

STEP 3 Post Production.  Video editing and delivery, 1 week to complete one video. 


Each video will be completed the week before it's launch date on Facebook.  This will allow enough time for review and any if needed edits. 

So what do you think? 

Moving forward.  If you like video topics I've proposed to you I will work on the outlines for the videos.  If you want to go in a different direction, let me know what you would like to do.  Once we have agreed on the video topics, I will send you an outline with questions I will ask you on camera for the interviews.  We should then schedule film dates.  I'm excited.  

THANK YOU.  I appreciate your time and consideration.  You can always contact me by clicking on the phone number or email address below: