Hey Rick, Here's a look behind the current.

How I approach potential clients.

Lead Generation

1. Search Val Pak.  For "cold" leads, I look for small to medium size restaurants advertising in Val Pak.  I know these restaurants want/need to advertise so they will be open to my pitch.


2. Facebook Messenger.  I then look them up on Facebook and send them a Facebook message.  Below is an example of the message I send to every restaurant or brewery.


*Get referrals *  For "warm" leads, I ask current clients to refer me to another restaurant and ask them to make an introduction for me.  I've found this has been the quickest and most effective way to generate leads and secure clients. 

Create Longer Campaigns

After I run the "limited time" Facebook video ad campaign, I ask the client to partner with me to help them reach new business goals over a 3 month span.  Below is the email I send to "Greens On Your Way".

Good morning to you.  Hope things are well.  Included is my proposal for a 3 month "Greens On Your Way" Facebook ads campaign.  Thanks for reviewing it.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and to the possibility of working with you again.  



The Why?  It is my aim to work as an advertising partner with Greens On Your Way to help you grow your business and achieve your business goals in the 3 months we work together. So prior to executing any ad campaigns, we must know exactly what we are trying to achieve.  As you consider the following proposal please contemplate the objectives you want to complete during our 3 month time frame.


The How.  Once objectives are determined, we will create a publication calendar and clearly map out the marketing message for the next 3 months.  We will also determine the "markers of success".  


The What.  We will determine what kind of message to show your ideal customer.  Are we creating 3 educational videos about Greens On Your Way?  Are we offering limited time deals? Is it a combination of things? 


Price: $1,800 ($600 a month) plus Facebook ad spend ($100-$200 a month).  This cost will includes one strategy session to set goals and create our 3 month game plan.  This price includes daily management and fine tuning of your ads.  This also includes weekly Facebook ads reports and client calls about the status of your ads.  


Okay, that's the proposal.  Thanks again for your consideration.  Please let me know that you got this in working order.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach me here or call me at 714.932.6017.







That's it.  Everything else is just meetings and chatting with the customer to make sure I'm meeting their needs.  Hope this helps.


Oh and if you want to see my latest case study go HERE.  It's for a brewery called Rainy Daze.  I'm only a week into it and it is by far my best campaign.  Even better than "Greens On Your Way" and that was once my best campaign ever.  

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